Oceania Royal Members


HRH Prince Darrick and HRH Princess Anna of the House of Kamakahelei, Hawai’i are Royal members of the RHCSO.

HRH Prince Darrick, Prince of Kauai, Ali’i Nui is a direct descendant in male primogeniture from Queen Kamakahelei, Queen Regnant of Kauai. He is Head of the House of Kamakahelei and as Ali’i Nui, is the protector of the heritage and culture of the Hawaiian Kingdom.

Official Website of the House of Kamakahelei

The RHCSO endorses the following Royal Houses

Cook Islands

Each island in the Cook Islands was ruled by a number of ariki (High Chiefs) and the Royal Houses exist to this day.

Arikis at the opening of the 39th Annual General Meeting of the
 House of Ariki 

New Zealand

Tūheitia Pōtatau Te Wherowhero VII  crowned as Kīngi Tūheitia, is the Māori King.

The RHCSO endorses the Faʻamatai
( Chiefly system of Samoa)

HH Afioga Tuimalealiʻifano Vaʻaletoʻa Sualauvi II
O le Ao o le Malo of Samoa (Head of State)

The four Paramount Chiefs

Malietoa is the titular head of one of the two great royal families of Samoa: Sā Malietoa and literally translates as “great warrior”

HH Malietoa Faamausili Molī and HH Malietoa Ainuu Bob, holders and co-heirs of the title since 16 August 2018 per Court Decision.


The RHCSO endorses the Pōmare dynasty (Tamatoa dynasty)
(currently in dispute between Joinville Pomare XI (‘Principality’ of Moorea) and his uncle Léopold Pomare)

On April 19, 2023, Joinville Pomare, an adopted descendant of the Pomare royal family of Tahiti, was installed as King Pomare XI in a ceremony in Papeete. The ceremony was attended by Tūheitia Pōtatau Te Wherowhero VII , the Maori King.

Re-establishing the Principality of Moorea within Tahiti. A title born by the Tahitian monarchs.


King Tupou VI (Tongan‘Aho‘eitu ʻUnuakiʻotonga Tukuʻaho) is King of Tonga.

Wallis & Futuna


 The Lavelua, King Patalione Kanimoa of Uvea


The Tuisigave, King Eufenio Takala of Sigave


The Tuiagaifo, King Lino Leleivai of Alo