House of Kamakahelei

H.E. Col Michael Thornley, President of the RHCSO, is the Chancellor & Colonel aide-de-camp of the House of Kamakahelei.

The Head of the House of Kamakahelei is HRH Prince Darrick Baker. His Royal Highness is the most senior Ali’i by male primogeniture descending from the Queen regnant of Kauai, Ali’i nui Kamakahelei.

Ali’i Nui Kamakahelei

HRH Prince Darrick descends from Prince Ikekeleaiku, son of Queen Kamakahelei, and adopted the name of Kamakahelei for the senior House in honour of his foremother.

( Prior to Prince Darrick adopting the name of Kamakahelei to represent the work of their Highnesses, the Baker Ohana (family) had not chosen/adopted any name. The House of Kamakahelei is duly registered in the USA and subject to copyright.)

As Princes of Kauai, both HRH Prince Darrick and his cousin HRH Prince Quentin of the House of Kawananakoa remain two of the most senior members of the Ali’i. Yet at this time, Prince Quentin has chosen not to actively participate in any major role.

(Kauai was the last independent Kingdom before Kamehameha was able to amalgamate the Kingdoms of the Hawaiian archipelago)

HRH Princess Anna & HRH Prince Darrick
Royal members of the RHCSO

And with a junior member of the Ali’i falsely claiming to be the Crown Princess Hawai’i, (n.b. there is no Crown Prince or Crown Princess of Hawaii ) HRH Prince Darrick and HRH Princess Anna stepped forward in 2016, to ensure that both the heritage of the Kingdom of Hawai’i and the honour of the ancestors was not being abused or disrespected by these individuals.

Protector of the Heritage & Culture of the Hawaiian Kingdom

HRH Prince Darrick being the most senior Ali’i actively preserving the legacy and authenticity of the former Kingdom, considers it his duty to maintain the rich traditions and culture of his greater ohana (family).

Yet it must also be stated that neither HRH Prince Darrick nor HRH Prince Quentin make any claim to be the Crown Prince and heir of the former Kingdom. There are in fact no legitimate direct heirs of the former House of Kamehameha or the House of Kalakaua. And so any claim to the contrary is false, misleading and an insult to the ancestors. However there remain Heads of pre-unification Royal Houses such as Kamakahelei and Kawananakoa.

Nevertheless, if the day came that the Hawaiian people wished to elect an Ali’i Nui of a revived Hawaiian Kingdom, then Prince Darrick and Prince Quentin, being cousins of the former Monarchs, would both qualify as candidates for consideration by a Council of the Ali’i.

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Until that day, HRH Prince Darrick will remain the most senior Ali’i actively preserving the Heritage and Culture of the Hawaiian Kingdom.