Associate Members


Associate membership is granted based on the long-term support for the RHCSO and/or a significant contribution to promote our mission and vision. It is both limited and exclusive.

An associate member will be proactive in promoting the RHCSO and encouraging endorsements for what the RHCSO stands for which is as an educational platform, preserving the heritage and culture of the Houses of our Royal Members. Proven commitment and demonstration of support for the RHCSO are required before acceptance as an Associate member.

Appointment is by invitation from the President of the RHCSO. Due consideration will also be given to suitable candidates through recommendations by trusted Friends of the RHCSO.

Distinguished Associated Members

Dame Mara New- Actress & Producer

Dame Mara New is a accomplished actress and producer. The creator & founder of The Golden Needle Awards and a Judge at the Isabel Original International & the MHI Studios.

Dame Mara is a member of the International Organization for Diplomatic Relations (IODR), also known as “Correspondants Diplomatiques”


Victoria Hernadez a recording artist professionally known as ‘Victoria akaVicki‘ is an Associate Member of the RHCSO.

Victoria is a piano and voice teacher, musical theatre coach, theory coach, singer/songwriter, author, clinician and adjudicator. She is also an operatic vocalist and pianist performing alongside her daughter who plays the harp.

An active member of the College of Examiners–Royal Conservatory of Music, ORMTA, CMFAA and NATS.