Founder & President

Knight Grand Cross with Collar Royal Order of Kamehameha, Hawai’i

H.E. Col. Michael E. Thornley CGCOK JP LHD

  • Justice of the Peace QLD -1988
  • Founder & President of the Royal Heritage & Cultural Society of Oceania
    (RHCSO) -2018
  • Founder & Principal Educator of the Thornley Wildlife Foundation (TWF) 2016
  • Founder & President of the ‘Humanitarian Organisation of the Southern Cross’ (OSC) 2010
  • CEO of Thornley Genealogical Services
    • Chancellor of the House of Kamakahelei, Hawai’i
    • Colonel aide-de-camp House of Kamakahelei, Hawai’i
    • Hon. Kentucky Colonel, Kentucky USA
    • Board member of the Asia Pacific Royalty Association, Nusantara 
    • Consultant of the Royal Sultanate of Mindanao Darussalam Negara Filipina
    • Ambassador of Goodwill for the ‘Kesultanan Melayu Maharaja Tabunawai Mindanao Negara Filipina’
    • Ambassador of Goodwill for the ‘ARKBK’ – Bunyoro-Kitara, Uganda
    • Hon. Doctorate of Humanities – The New Testament Bible Church Biblical Institute, Louisiana, USA est. 1999
    • Academician of Honour Doctorate – ‘Norman Academy, Italy’
    • Honorary Fellow- ‘Australian Asian Institute of Civil Leadership’
    • Honoured member- ‘Academia Tubuciana de Abrantes, Portugal’
    • Honoured member- ‘Real Orden Poetica-Literaria Juan Benito, Spain
    • Honoured member- ‘Real Fundación Cultural Platoni de Ilustres Condecorados, Chile’


Honorary Titles

  • Anakia Wuta I Kendari of Laiwoei, Sulawesi

Orders of Chivalry

– Imperial Order of the Rose, Brazil
– Royal Order of Kamehameha with collar, Hawai’i
– Royal Order of Kalakaua, Hawai’i
– Royal Order of Kapiolani, Hawai’i
– Royal Order of the Crown, Hawai’i
– Royal Order of the Star of Oceania, Hawai’i
– Royal Order of the Abahinda clan, Uganda
– Most Honourable Order of Omukama Chwa II. Kabalega, Uganda
– Royal Order of the Lion of Godenu, Ghana
– Royal Order of the Golden Fire Dog, Ghana
– Most Esteemed Royal Order of Kisanu Dhow, Tanzania
– Royal Order of the Golden Leopard, Ghana
– Royal Order of the Tiger and Hawk, Ghana
– Royal Order of Kwakyen Ababio, Ghana
– Order of the Oak & Serpent, Ó Súilleabháin Clan, Eire


Medals of Merit

  • Medal Imperial Society of St. George of Lalibela’, the Royal House of Selassie, Ethiopia
  • Medal Association Européenne des membres de Corps et Organismes Publics de Sécurité et de Défense (AECOPSD), France
  • Medal of Merit, Kingdom of Bunyoro- Kitara, Uganda
  • Medal for ‘ Outstanding Contribution and Efforts for Peace, Education and Cultural Diplomacy, Kingdom of Bunyoro- Kitara
Arms of H.E. Col. Michael Thornley Registered with the Chronicler of Arms for Castile and León, Spain