The RHCSO is an independent Society that shares news and information about various Royal and Noble Houses from around the world.


  • We will showcase our approved and certified Royal members in the Friends of the RHCSO forum as well as on the dedicated website with links to events regarding the heritage and culture of their regions.
  • We will also share relevant posts in our forum that include historical photographs, links to articles of interest, and exquisite archaeological artifacts from past ages.
  • We will NOT be showcasing or supporting fake, fantasy, or questionable claims in this forum.
  • We will adhere to traditional titles as set down by the individual countries/traditional areas.
  • We will NOT accept enhanced/imagined/assumed titles that are not in line with the local legal authorities & historical institutions nor that which goes against the traditional usage of a non-local term and thus assumed incorrectly such as the misuse of European pre-nominal/Royal title.
  • The RHCSO is about the facts, the history, and the traditions and we will endeavour in good faith to share those to the best of our ability and the information presented to us from trusted and reputable sources.
  • The RHCSO will only be registering those individuals as Royal members with a Royal bloodline that adhere to the above. We are NOT about collecting numbers or validating incorrect and inappropriate information.
  • Please look elsewhere if that is your desire.
  • For everyone else, I trust that you will enjoy the educational platform that is the RHCSO.


  • Official Full membership of the RHCSO is available for legitimate & Internationally recognised Royal Houses possessing historical and dynastical records of their House;
  • Evidence of enthronement/enstoolment, genealogical descent from a former Monarch, if in exile, or residing in traditional lands that are now located within a Republic.
  • All appointments are subject to discreet appraisal and confirmation by the office of the President of the RHCSO.
  • This process is required to protect the integrity and honour of the existing membership of legitimate and recognised Royal Houses.
  • Self-proclaimed; Micronational; reconstituted extinct ancient Houses (especially from the former Byzantine Empire or Levant Kingdoms) and/or fantasy/fictional/fake claims will NOT be entertained.
  • The final decision rests with the Office of the President of the RHCSO.

The RHCSO continues to welcome ‘Royal supporters’ and ‘Friends of the RHCSO, as the aim of the RHCSO is to provide education and guidance about the heritage and culture of the Royal Houses and their people.

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Website Information sharing

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Photographs and images

The RHCSO is an educational platform. All images are borrowed under the ‘Fair use provisions’ for educational purposes relating to both heritage and culture. If an image that is utilised on this website is unknowingly copyrighted or is in breach of some lawful ownership, then it shall be removed upon written request from the legal owner without hesitation.